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01-08-2013, 07:00 PM
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Originally Posted by CanadienShark View Post
Homerism is defined as using fact to defend an opinion? I told you that I'd take Plekanec over Couturier because Plekanec has peaked at 70 points in a season and excelled defensively. Couturier's potential is up around 70-80 points/season (doubt he'll reach that year in, year out) while excelling defensively. How exactly is Couturier more valuable? He's managed what? 28 points playing with poor linemates on a VERY offensive team. Plekanec just got 52 points on an awful offensive team with poor linemates. Come one, just because Couturier has a ceiling a bit above what Plekanec has done, does NOT mean he'll even come close. Plekanec nearly doubled Cout's production, with both playing a shutdown role. Prove to me that Couturier is a better player NOW than Plekanec and I'll take this back.

Everything you've said is ENTIRELY subjective; rather ironic considering you just trying to call me out for homerism. Homerism is basing opinions based on beliefs, rather than fact. Has Couturier outdone Plekanec? Nope? Oh hmm.... I'll take Plekanec.

Do not misunderstand, I think Couturier will have a great career and I wish no ill on the guy. It's the Flyers fans who HORRIBLY overrate Couturier that I have a problem with. Bloody hypocrisy.
no one is claiming that couturier is better than plekanec right now. but thats not the point. not at all. we're speaking in terms of value ON THE MARKET. of potential. how about we compare plekanec rookie season to couturiers rookie season? that would be a better comparison of what the actual discussion is about because it doesn't seem like you are understanding (at least my own) point of view.

Tomas Plekanec: 2005-2006: 23 years old. 67GP 9G 20A 29P +4
Playoffs: 6GP 0G 4P

Sean Couturier: 2011-2012: 19 years old. 77GP 13G 14A 27P +18
Playoffs: 11GP 3G 1A 4P

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