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Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
So now, suddenly a contract is a contract? Where were you when Jeremy Jacobs wanted to roll-back every player's contract 24%?

Visi is in the wrong but he's acting independently - the NHLPA is not telling him to do this and actually he is failing in his duties as an NHLPA member as well. The contract IS legally binding to the extent that if the player does not meet the criteria of the contract he will not get paid or will get penalized and so on. Vis will be penalized so that's the end of that.

You can't force someone no honour a civil contract, if he doesn't want to honour it he just won't get paid - it's pretty simple. If the case were to go to court it wouldn't even be interesting as Vis and his associates can easily claim family disruption and so on and he won't even have to pay a penalty. I doubt the Isles really pursue the matter.
That's the point isn't it? I believe rollbacks and termination of contracts do occur and can be acceptable depending on the circumstance. Vis not liking NYI isn't a good excuse. The fact that players were upset a guy like hamrlik had a difference of opinion then business like visnovsky is deemed "oh well" is kind of annoying.

You're absolutely right that he is just 1 member in a large union but I don't hear players arguing about those who go against the grain now.

Actually, you can't force him to honour it but by KHL-NHL agreement he is not allowed playing anywhere else until he honors it or is released. In this case, he has not retired or done anything of the sort yet continues to play in the KHL. The KHL should step up IMO.

Isles gave up a 2nd round pick for him, why wouldnt they pursue the matter?

Edit: In any case, my point is about vis, not the union. He either plays in NHL or nowhere.

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