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01-08-2013, 06:11 PM
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Originally Posted by CanadienShark View Post
1. It was a hyperbole; it was added for dramatic effect. Subban is worth significantly more to me, and the Habs. Perhaps that's not the case with Philly. I can respect that.

2. In the near future meaning 2-3 years. Unless Couturier develops in leaps and bounds, I don't think Plekanec is anywhere near his deathbed. He'll still be producing fine for 2-3 years, right as Couturier should overtake him in terms of production.
Likewise, Couturier is worth more to Flyers fans and the Flyers. He'll be expected to match up against Crosby or Malkin for the next decade, and he'll have to excel if they have any hopes of winning division titles and playoff matchup against them. Subban is a fantastic player, and a sure-fire number one defenseman, but Couturier will more than likely be the second most important player on the team after Giroux for the foreseeable future.

Where did this consensus come from that Couturier will only top out at a 50-60 point number two center? He was a top ten pick that only fell at the draft because he battled through Mono for most of his draft eligible season. He had the highest PPG rate of any of the drafted players from 2011. If he meets his potential, he be a considerably better player than Tomas Plekanec. His potential is a hybrid or Eric and Jordan Staal.

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