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01-08-2013, 07:22 PM
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Originally Posted by hero View Post
Will help so much in making trades.
Imagine a trade thread with the title 'Value of Heatley with Minnesota eating 1/3 of Cap Space'. Imagine the same for LeCavalier. Havlat or Horcoff at half off? Or, Cammalleri at half off?

Not saying every team does this, but say Calgary moves Iggy and goes full rebuild. The owner is a billionaire.

What's J-Bo worth at a 3.3M cap hit for this year and next to your contending team?

What's Cammy worth at a 3M cap hit for this year and next to your rebuilding team?

Think about that. If a team like Calgary, for example, moved Iggy (because he wanted a chance to play for one more cup) and then put J-Bo and Cammy out there at those cap hits, they'd reap an absolute bounty that would accelerate a rebuild far more than would've been the case under the old CBA.

****, Kipper at 2.9M anyone?

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