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01-08-2013, 07:35 PM
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Originally Posted by caley View Post
Let's look at these 10.

Myers and Ehrhoff aren't going anywhere. Both are locked up for a while, both are building blocks of the team.

Weber, Pardy, Sulzer and Brennan won't be going anywhere either. Weber because he's young, physical and signed to a decent contract and the Sabres are trying to become more difficult to play against. Pardy because he's overpaid for what he is a physical #6-8 defenceman. Sulzer because if other teams were really interested, they could have had him earlier and he impressed Buffalo enough last year to get a 1-way deal but probably no other team enough to justify acquiring him. And Brennan because he's a solid prospect who might be ready, but every team in the league has their own version of that.

So that leaves us with just 4
-McNabb: I'd be shocked if he's moved. He's big, physical, young and played extremely well last year for the Sabres. Plus, he's not waiver eligible IIRC, so I don't see the incentive to moving him. If there's no room for him, let him play one more year of AHL hockey.
-Sekera: Signed to a reasonable contract, can move up or down the lineup depending on injuries and depth. Solid defensively, I think he stays put.
-Leopold: Definite candidate to be moved. He's a solid offensive defenceman. But, realistically, Myers and Ehrhoff are both better on the power-play. He's good in his own end, but Sekera is better and cheaper. I wouldn't anticipate much coming back in return, probably a pick or prospect.
-Regehr:I think he's the other possibility. Calgary fans warned when he was moved that he wasn't the same player he once was, and he isn't. He's still physical, but he's slow and can lose coverage to quick players, and with a $4+ million cap hit, he's not cheap, either. But, he still has a good reputation around the league as a tough shutdown defenceman and a playoff team with injuries to the blueline, a team looking to add a physical element, or a confident coach who thinks he can use him/turn around his play could/would all be interested

So, the most likely candidate to move is Leopold, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was Regehr either. His grit and leadership could help a team that's lost some (For instance, to Dallas to replace Souray and Pardy).
points of disagreement :
1. The new CBA allows retaining 50% salary/cap. I think this would make Pardy attractive at 1 mil cap/salary.
2. Sekera is not available at all
3. I think McNabb is available in a "big deal" scenario only. He's available only as one of the centerpieces to a deal for someone like Bobby Ryan

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