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01-08-2013, 08:14 PM
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Introductions for Smackdown were made. Lilian Garcia came out to what seemed like one of her own songs and she received a good reaction. JBL followed, which sadly enough did not get much of a reaction. Wow, how wrestling has changed. Garcia asked everyone to look at the screen for a video.

C.M. Punk and Paul Heyman were shown at SunLife stadium. Punk ripped UM and The Rock while holding a Rock jersey, which he put it on. Punk continued to rip The Rock and saying it was his house now. Punk reminded us it was the first time Rock has been on Smackdown in ten years.

The Rock opened Smackdown to the biggest pop of the night! Rock showed the UM sign with his hands and the fans ate it up. The Rocky chants were nonstop, which followed with The Rock saying finally The Rock has come home. The Cookie Puss chant then followed. The Rock gave a shout out to Flo Rida, who was in attendance. The Rock said how upset he was that CM Punk didn't show up tonight. Cookie Puss started all over again. The Rock spoke about how his brothers from the U like Warren Sapp and Ray Lewis gave it all every time on the field.

In the middle of Rock's spot, Rhode Scholars came out and entered the ring. Damien Sandow started on the mic to remind us of who he is and his partner is. Cody Rhodes then got on the mic and seemed a little nervous speaking to Rock. He let Rock know who the next champs will be when they defeat Team Hell No. He told Rock to leave before he had no choice.

The Rock revamped what just happened in only the way The Rock can. He ripped Cody and his mustache, which was classic. Cody wasn't to happy. Caterpillar lip. Epic! Sandow did his three question routine while looking for his apprentice. He asked Rock to answer the three questions in order to stay. If he didn't, then he said Rock had to leave. Cody reminded us that Rock went to Miami so he may not be able to answer. Rock got the first question, the second right, and then Rock asked the third question to Sandow. The Rock delivered the Rock Bottom to Sandow. Cody was ready to fight but got a beatdown as well with the People's Elbow to end the segment.


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