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Originally Posted by Mightygoose View Post
Very true indeed! Would there be enough time to get them done for next season? If they're more or less formalities, I guess the team could play longer at Key Arena.

Would hate to see another lame duck year in Sac town if they're going to leave.
last i heard that the EIS wasn't going to take as long as it initially would take which is about a year (it stated in november of 2012). Yea its looking like its nothing more formalities which is offending the port union and their idiot lawyer hence the lawsuit that will start next month.

They are suing claiming that cause there was a vote that EIS is gonna be a shame. Nevermind the whole intention that hansen was gonna do a FULL EIS and the first vote was just so the process can be started where Hansen pays for the studies.

Now the port union and their dumb lawyer will have to prove harm that the agreement would make the EIS a sham. Hansen has done his homework and has been involved in the process a lot longer than July of 2011. If the judge rules that a EIS has to be done. Hansen will show judge that EIS is already taking place and will be completed before the project can move forward aka with the 2nd vote.

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