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01-08-2013, 08:32 PM
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Whatís Rychelís next move?

Adding Aleardi and Giftopoulus are decent moves, the price was right and canít really argue with them.

The problem comes when he makes his next move.

If Windsor is bidding on the Memorial Cup next year as they say then anymore additions start to affect needed assets for that bid. Any acquisitions need to be ones that will return or else those assets will likely bring them one or maybe even two rounds in the playoffs and not much more.

With Khokhlachev returning if this is how it plays out then they have 3 cards remaining and still have some major holes to fill for this year.

The only way they can justify keeping Khokhlachev IMO is if they get a couple of their US recruits to report.

DeGuiseppe and Schmaltz, both of whom would likely return next season would help to justify keeping Khokhlachev as well as giving up what would be a large return if they dealt him. This scenario would cost them nothing.

Without those two reporting at this point in time I donít know how they justify keeping Khokhlachev while submitting a bid with a shortage of assets and a line up that leaves a lot to be desired.

With no surprise reporting from some of the hold out prospects they should be moving Khokhlachev, take the large return and see what else they could gain from moving a couple of others out for other assets and see what they can do with players acquired in those deals as well as some they have playing JR. B.

The line up the way it is has definitely improved but not to the point that they are a threat in the playoffs to anyone of those considered to be contenders. At the same time any other assets moved to further improve this line up takes away from the needed assets for their bid thus making that a pointless exercise.

I really want to see improvements made to this team but with their current plans of bidding on the Memorial Cup for next year they will do a ton of damage to the future of this franchise if they win the bid for years to come when you consider the costs of improving this team combined with the sanctions in place.

This team is not prepared to go all the way this year and next year is not looking to be that promising right now either. Regardless of whether or not they can convince a couple of US kids to report next year they will still be looking to be big spenders if they win the bid and they currently do not have the assets to spend.

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