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01-08-2013, 08:39 PM
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Originally Posted by CanadienShark View Post
OK...? Fairly equal. Pleks was older, but had more points in 10 less games. Both were plus players, the numbers are irrelevant however, because they're more team related. So take both of the with a grain of salt. Playoffs again, Pleks did the same in half the time...

So you think he has Plekanec potential... or what?
i think that their offense is essentially a wash, considering Pleks was 3-4 years older and had already had significant pro experience before making the jump to the NHL.

now, i really can't say what plekanec looked like back then, because i honestly can't recall paying attention to him in his rookie season, but i do think that Couts has the potential to be a 60-80 point player in his prime. i can see him topping out around 78-80 points in a good year. but i really do see him finishing in the top 3 or 4 in selke voting and i do think he has the ability to bring his defense to the level where he can win one.

to condense all my posts, to be clear; i do not think couturier is a better player than plekanec right now. thats clear, and anyone can see that. pleks is a 30 year old veteran who is experienced in this league and has put up solid numbers in his career and is a valuable piece. i DO believe that couturier has the potential to be better than plekanec. i can't say that for sure, obviously none of us can, but his pedigree and the way he performed last year as a very young kid with no pro experience, playing in primarily defensive roles, proves that he has a high ceiling. i DO think that subban has more value than couturier. he's accomplished more here than couts has and has the tools to be a prime time defenseman. i don't think he'll be as good as a lot of people seem to think he will be, and i would not trade couturier for him. if i had to trade couts, i would target a different defenseman, because in my opinion, subban is not the defenseman we need to save our blue line.

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