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Originally Posted by La Huracanista View Post
This rule would defeat the purpose of adding a bit of a tie-breaker for centers (who I think are widely agreed upon as a bit more valuable than wingers). Centers who suck at faceoffs would suddenly be less valuable, which I don't think is the case irl.
It wouldn't have to be a negative value that is equal to the positive value, though. For instance, face-off wins could be .01 while faceoff losses could be -.005 or something like that. So centers would still have that tie-breaker.

With just faceoff wins and not losses counted, you are inflating the value of players who take a lot of faceoffs even though they may not be good at them. For instance, Eric Staal was regularly top 10-15 in the league in faceoff wins even when he was terrible at faceoffs, just because he would take so many. Having losses counted gives more value to players who are actually good at faceoffs.

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