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01-08-2013, 09:10 PM
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PLECKS has amazing "puck possession skills" and is a savvy vet who takes the PK pressure off Briere/Giroux/Schenn to be PKers (...but the real gift is that in that role HE CURRENTLY gives you MORE THAN COUTS offensively) I think PK has the 'TUDE you are looking for from a stud defenceman in Philly (PR milking Roenick/Clarke/Lindros-esque).... I think the players coming back are young and very talented and add to a bright HABS future! (....and with their youth now + loss of talent NOW as a HABS TEAM, I would dream of a Seth Jones/Mackinnon/Drouin/Niska(?) 2013 DRAFT in addition to an already impressive group of YOUNG players!)

Originally Posted by orange is better View Post
i think that their offense is essentially a wash, considering Pleks was 3-4 years older and had already had significant pro experience before making the jump to the NHL.

now, i really can't say what plekanec looked like back then, because i honestly can't recall paying attention to him in his rookie season, but i do think that Couts has the potential to be a 60-80 point player in his prime. i can see him topping out around 78-80 points in a good year. but i really do see him finishing in the top 3 or 4 in selke voting and i do think he has the ability to bring his defense to the level where he can win one.

to condense all my posts, to be clear; i do not think couturier is a better player than plekanec right now. thats clear, and anyone can see that. pleks is a 30 year old veteran who is experienced in this league and has put up solid numbers in his career and is a valuable piece. i DO believe that couturier has the potential to be better than plekanec. i can't say that for sure, obviously none of us can, but his pedigree and the way he performed last year as a very young kid with no pro experience, playing in primarily defensive roles, proves that he has a high ceiling. i DO think that subban has more value than couturier. he's accomplished more here than couts has and has the tools to be a prime time defenseman. i don't think he'll be as good as a lot of people seem to think he will be, and i would not trade couturier for him. if i had to trade couts, i would target a different defenseman, because in my opinion, subban is not the defenseman we need to save our blue line.

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