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01-08-2013, 09:13 PM
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can you guys imagine what our roster would look like if we had a competent GM who didnt consistently make poor or often ridiculous decisions. Think back over the years at what we've lost and what we've acquired (Kaberle for Cole, Anthony Stewart who can't even perform in the British hockey league (no offense he seems like a nice guy but please) etc). Imagine this:

Staal, Staal (beginning in 2013-14, being patient and waiting a year for him to inevitably sign here and we wouldn't have had to lose a better player in Brandon Sutter AND a prospect), Brandon Sutter, Ray Whitney, Cole (how much Eric depends on him to be even a mediocre player), Semin, Skinner, Cullen, Faulk, Allen

Now we have these pieces we do have ( and just like the previous poster said) and how to make them work? Putting Jordan on Skinner's line is going to be problematic because Jordan will begin to buddy with Skinner and Eric will go into his pouty diva mode. And yet J and E can't be on the same line. Meanwhile it looks like we're going to still have players like Larose who don't belong anywhere above the 4th line. IDK

We have big gaps on defense. And JR seriously feels we need another 3rd or 4th liner? Really? Really? We have more 3rd and 4th liners than ****** have ****

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