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01-08-2013, 09:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Drop the Sopel View Post
The Canucks are the best offensive team in the NHL...

Are you assuming Schneider gets injured the 1st game of the year?
No I'm not suggesting Schneider will get hurt in game 1, but in a compressed season where there will be multiple 3 games in 4 nights stretches it makes more sense to have to goalies you know you can count on.

To me it's more important than Bozak.

Forgive me for not trusting the Canucks scoring - all I can remember is that they couldn't score in the playoffs. what was it 8 goals in 5 games.

@bourne endeavour - this isn't last season, they are playing 48 games in a very tight schedule, and a lot of us are worried about throwing a guy who has never played more than 35 games in a season into the fire. Schneider gets hurt, you can't afford to let him rest it....I don't know who the back-up is for me, but its going to be a huge downgrade to the one we've carried the last two years.