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01-08-2013, 09:45 PM
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Originally Posted by orange is better View Post
Once again, a Habs fans fails to miss the point. For some reason you are all just assuming that players simply can't get better. Like its some kind of unheard of occurance. You do understand that he was 18/19 years old last year, correct? Where was plekanec when he was that young? Oh that's right, he didnt play more than 2 games in the nhl until he was 23. Wow. Could it be that he GASP! Wasn't as good as couturier is now when he was his age? Yes, that's exactly it.

To say that we'd be lucky if couturier ever becomes Tomas plekanec tells me that your judgement is based off some sort of fantasy world.
And your taking on the best two way centers in the game and comparing him to a young kid who has played very well in his young career and as a lot of POTENTIAL!

The key word is Potential ... Comparing them at 18/19 ... 10/11 doesnt mean anything in the PRESENT!

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