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1981 CHI
31-33-16, 11/21 GA, 13/21 GF
Lost in Preliminary Round to Calgary in 3 games
Miles Zaharko4222.20919.0502.557 
Keith Brown8021.37818.3072.490 
Doug Wilson7623.59017.5351.789 
Bob Murray7724.28817.5332.799single vote
Greg Fox7517.64914.6682.716 
Dave Hutchinson5914.39813.3500.938  

 GPRecordSV% (Average)GAAAll-Star Votes
Tony Esposito66 29-23-14.890 (.876)3.757th
Murray Bannerman152-10-2.867 (.876)4.30  

1983 CHI
47-23-10, 4/21 GA, 4/21 GF
Lost in Conference Finals to Edmonton in 4 games
Keith Brown5024.37418.8722.865
Doug Wilson7425.05518.2802.757
Doug Crossman8021.40117.3871.479
Bob Murray7922.01217.1992.440
Greg Fox7617.60215.5941.875
Dave Feamster7813.87012.9300.876

 GPRecordSV% (Average)GAA
Murray Bannerman4124-12-5.901 (.875)3.10
Tony Esposito3923-11-5.887 (.875)3.46
Hawks in Hart Voting: Savard 3rd

1990 CHI
41-33-6, 14/21 GA, 5/21 GF
Lost in Conference Finals to Edmonton in 6 games
Doug Wilson7028.77620.9253.2564th
Keith Brown6723.48518.3863.598 
Dave Manon5922.43517.6632.663single vote
Steve Konroyd7519.21216.5792.548 
Bob Murray4921.07914.7762.012 
Trent Yawney7017.15413.3081.954 
Bob McGill6912.58311.9230.660  

 GPRecordSV% (Average)GAA
Jacques Cloutier4318-15-2.880 (.881)3.09
Alain Chevrier3916-14-3.853 (.881)4.18
Greg Millen105-4-1.880 (.881)3.34
Jimmy Waite42-0-0.848 (.881)4.59

Brown had three years as a top-pairing defender and on fairly strong teams. Two times his team fell in the Conference Finals. He lead his '83 club in ES and PK TOI, which finished 4th in Goals Against.

1973 ATL
25-38-14, 7/16 GA, 15/16 GF
Pat Quinn7822.46619.5752.312
Randy Manery7826.06518.5343.192
Noel Price5422.39918.0112.154
Noel Picard4117.90117.4420.198
Bob Paradise7118.76917.0901.679
Bill Plager7617.81915.9801.691
Kerry Ketter4113.22912.5720.395

 GPRecordSV% (Average)GAAAll-Star Voting
Phil Myre4616-23-5.902 (.896)3.03single vote
Dan Bouchard349-15-10.907 (.896)3.08single vote
Flames in Hart Voting: Myre single vote

1974 ATL
30-34-14, 6/16 GA, 13/16 GF
Lost in Quarter-Finals to Philadelphia in 4 games
Randy Manery7828.64822.3052.704
Pat Quinn7723.80721.6092.075
Noel Price6223.22920.9761.953
Arnie Brown4820.45220.0170.435
Bob J Murray6216.87015.9160.804

 GPRecordSV% (Average)GAAAll-Star Voting
Dan Bouchard4619-18-8.909 (.896)2.775th
Phil Myre3611-16-6.889 (.896)3.33  

1975 ATL
34-31-15, 5/18 GA , 14/18 GF
Pat Quinn8022.86719.9612.810
Randy Manery6823.30119.1992.207
Jean Lemieux7520.07017.6480.385
Noel Price8019.64917.1701.904
Ed Kea5018.27917.1490.834

 GPRecordSV% (Average)GAA
Dan Bouchard4020-15-5.914 (.890)2.78
Phil Myre4014-16-10.909 (.890)2.85

1978 LAK
31-34-15, 8/18 GA, 8/18 GF
Lost in Preliminary Round to Toronto in 2 games
Gary Sargent7228.90722.3382.26212th
Randy Manery7925.33921.6981.584 
Bob Murdoch7623.83021.0632.564 
Dave Hutchinson4420.26119.4180.843 
Larry Brown5719.26616.8701.999 
Rob Palmer4812.71912.2530.312  

 GPRecordSV% (Average)GAAAll-Star Voting
Rogie Vachon7029-27-13.891 (.889)2.864th
Gary Simmons142-7-2.869 (.889)3.81  

Manery had 4 seasons he was a top pairing defender. The first three came courtesy of the expansion Flames who joined the league in '73. These teams weren't very good overall, but they performed well defensively. Manery was 1st or 2nd in PK TOI ranks during those three years as well. Manery's goalies earned the most all-star recognition of this group.

1973 CFS
16-46-16, 14/16 GA, 14/16 GF
Rick Smith6428.52822.1232.697 
Bob Stewart6324.77722.0862.540 
Darryl Maggs5424.36121.7371.237 
Ted McAneely7715.65214.6110.326  

 GPRecordSV% (Average)GAAAll-Star Voting
Gilles Meloche5912-32-14.885 (.896)4.06T11th (2 voting points)
Marv Edwards214-14-2.873 (.896)4.32  

1977 BOS
49-23-8, 5/18 GA, 3/18 GF
Lost in Stanley Cup Finals to Montreal in 4 games
Brad Park7730.06322.4973.7326th
Rick Smith4623.46621.3311.989 
Dallas Smith5823.64721.2622.147 
Mike Milbury7721.21218.6352.212 
Gary Doak7619.98718.4961.399  

 GPRecordSV% (Average)GAAAll-Star Voting
Gerry Cheevers4530-10-5.882 (.891)3.04T5th
Gilles Gilbert3418-13-1.884 (.891)2.85 
Jim Pettie11-0-0.900 (.891)3.00
Bruins in Hart Voting: Ratelle 8th

1979 BOS
43-23-14, 6/17 GA, 4/17 GF
Lost in semi-finals vs Montreal in 7 games
Mike Milbury7423.76620.0902.937 
Brad Park4024.51818.9711.3188th
Rick Smith6520.21918.9481.271 
Gary Doak6319.67518.3360.959 
Dennis O'Brien6420.39618.1532.149 
Al Sims6722.07517.4223.215 
Dick Redmond6419.03613.9271.547  

 GPRecordSV% (Average)GAAAll-Star Voting
Cheevers4323-9-10.865 (.883)3.166th
Gilbert2312-8-2.869 (.883)3.54 
Pettie198-6-2.856 (.883)3.59  
Bruins in Hart Voting: Brad Park single vote

Smith had three years as a top pairing defender. With how close the gap between #2 and #3 are in '79 I feel comfortable throwing it on the list. Like Brown, Smith enjoyed greater team success than Manery despite the fewer minutes played/times as a top pairing defender. Minus his one year with the brutal Seals. Smith was also the only player here to make the Stanley Cup finals as a top pairing guy.

I guess my takeaway from this is, if we're going to knock Brown for a lack of years as a top-pairing defender it only seems fair to do the same for Smith. Manery really does stand above the two in his TOI usage, but considering it was on an expansion club in the seventies, is it really unfair to prefer Smith and Brown to him?

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