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Got lots of time to type these days, so I’ll take the opportunity to let parents know something they might not be aware of …
There are Scouts who genuinely, sincerely want the best for young athletes. In other words, many of us actually do this for the players, not the club who’s jacket we wear. That may sound odd at first, so give me a few bars to try to explain.
The first thing you need to understand is this: we don’t get paid much. Any Scout reading this is laughing right now, cuz that jacket I mentioned a minute ago is damn near the sum total of his pay :-). So we sure as heck don’t do it for the money.
Why do we do it?
Some do it for the “cool” factor (mostly the younger guys), or to help their chances of getting that A1 Coaching gig they covet, or to help draw paying customers to their Spring programs. But there are some of us (mostly the older guys) who sincerely do it to help those players who are chasing-the-dream with all their heart and soul. Sounds corny, I know, but that’s the fact.
Now, maybe the “dream” a kid is chasing is a scolly, or the dub, or the Pros, or sometimes it’s merely to make a Jr B roster somewhere. Anywhere. But they’re giving it their all. And those are the boys we want to see get the opportunity they deserve. Maybe that opportunity is a look from a BCHL club, or a Jr B squad in remote parts. We really want to help deserving young athletes, whether or not that helps a WHL club.
You see, the cool factor has long since worn off on me. So have the politics and parental silliness of minor hockey. What hasn’t worn off is the enthusiasm in a young man’s eyes when he gets to the rink and is absolutely pumped to be his best self on the ice. The young man who will find a way, somehow, to get to a 6AM ice time on a Sunday morning in Summer because he believes it will help his development. THAT is still very cool to me. And if I can help boys like that navigate a path that helps them achieve their potential, whatever that means … well, that is something I can take to the grave.
Seriously, there’s a local WHL Scout I know (better not name him, cuz he’d hate it) who spends countless hours trying to help young players whom he respects find a spot somewhere that will help advance their game, to play at the next level up for them. This Scout will twist the ears of Jr B Coaches from Aldergrove to Wainwright. He expends tremendous energy helping hockey players who will never play for the club who’s jacket he wears. He does what he does for the player.
And there’s a BCHL guy who does a better job of advising players and families than any of the so-called professional Advisors I’ve encountered; and he not only doesn’t charge the families a penny for his expertise, he doesn’t get paid by his Jr A club for doing it either. He does what he does for the player.
Last point. To my way of thinking there are lots of “gems” out there. Some are the next RNH, but everyone already knows about those few players. Others are the next 5th D-man for the Richmond Sockeyes, but they are self-motivated, self-disciplined and really care about playing the game at the highest level they can achieve. That player is also a gem in my book, and I do NOT want to keep that player a secret. On the contrary, I want everyone who can help him know exactly who he is.

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