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01-08-2013, 10:17 PM
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First off, my mistake on missing that line. Total brain fart.

Originally Posted by Beacon View Post
I specifically said that this isn't based purely on the two of them having identical stats, but rather that it was part of the equation. I cited stats because some people act like him scoring 0.5 points per game as a 19 year old is a great achievement and a sign of great offensive strength, and it was important to show that 0.5 points per game doesn't mean he'll be a scorer
I haven't really seen anyone using Miller's stats as the reason to be high on him. It's a lot more talking about his game and how it compares favorably to Dubinsky's. They have similar physical skills, but Miller appears to have much better knowledge of his limits and when not to try to be too fancy.

Originally Posted by Beacon View Post
So yeah, there's an advantage to watching games (instead of falsely insinuating that you do) and keeping track of all draftees, not just the couple stars that were the exception to the rule for the position they drafted.
I love how because I missed a line in one of your posts, I now am a fraud responsible for every horrible, unjust criticism you've ever had to face. It's funny because the only time I've ever had a hockey disagreement with you has been over St. Croix and your "statistical" projections for him. You know, the ones based on not watching the games.

Originally Posted by Beacon View Post
But you stick with your nasty comments because it makes you feel superior and it makes it look like you actually know what you are talking about and you actually watch games.
Something about pot and a kettle.

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