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01-08-2013, 10:18 PM
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Originally Posted by ZenMaster View Post
Frattin + Bozak?

That trade isn't bad at all, we essentially upgraded the bottom six for a redundant asset. People are really underrating Matt Frattin here, he's built a like a tank, hustles every shift, and produces.
Weise 2 inches taller, 10 lbs heavier....Matt Frattin is a minor leaguer (with potential to be more), you're willing to trade a multi-time vezina nominee, hart nominee, and best goalie in franchise history for a minor leaguer?

See guys, I don't mind Frattin as a player, but he is most certainly redundant. He could develop into an NHLer, but this is a team pushing for a cup, not developing a 25 year old winger for the 4th line.

DTS is suggesting he's an upgrade on Dale an upgrade on Dale Weise the difference between winning and losing the cup?

For real this time, I'm done with this Luongo thread, see ya in the next one.