Thread: GDT: Hamilton vs St-John
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01-08-2013, 10:29 PM
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Originally Posted by gusfring View Post
5 pts in 22 games? that is brutal.
Don't make it worse than it actually is, he has 6 points

The chances are there, he just doesn't bury them. Lefebvre had a press conference with Langevin after tonight's game and was saying it was a rough way back in the lineup for him, because an ankle injury is never easy to heal, and you don't really have confidence in your ankle at first, so he had to work on that.

He now hangs onto the puck a bit longer and has more confidence with it and the chances are coming, he still has trouble to produce but it will eventually go in. He's apparently frustrated about it, which is only normal. But Lefebvre doesn't seem worried one bit for him.

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