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01-08-2013, 11:13 PM
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Originally Posted by WantEggRoll View Post
Ok now is it not the job of a responsible General Manager to find a player that meets those requirements that the team can hang on to? This entire discussion is pointless until the Bishop situation is determined. If he walks I think it is unfortunate that Ottawa has no second round pick in a deep draft and if he stays then awesome. I have never once said I dislike the Bishop trade. I just will not look at it as fondly if he leaves the organization as a UFA in the summer.
Of course if we let Bishop walk as a UFA that quickly, we will not have maximized our investment, because players are investments in the end, and your investment start paying dividends from day one. Bishop has already brought something, and we just hope he can continue to do so.

One thing fans have to be aware right away is that the lockout already impacted negatively the return on the Bishop investment (and on most players as well). Maybe not a lot if Bishop stays a lot longer but... point being made : the longer a player stays within your organization, the less this lockout will affect negatively the return on the investment made on them.

PS : By the way, Capgeek still says Bishop will be RFA at the end of the season...

Originally Posted by source View Post
I wouldn't trade Anderson until we can be more confident in Lehner and Bishop. But there's no sense keeping Anderson's price tag around if Lehner plays like we all hope he will.

In that case I'd move him for a 1st. Who knows, we could get the next Claude Giroux just like that.
Wait... what? What's wrong about Anderson's price tag? 3.0$ is nothing for the Sens right now, they do need to reach the cap floor. Gonchar and Alfie cap hits will disappear soon by the way.

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