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01-08-2013, 11:54 PM
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Originally Posted by source View Post
Our budget should become much clearer in offseason 2013, or perhaps sooner if teams want to get below the cap early. That'll be the real test.

Here are some wingers we could have signed last summer:

Jagr, Whitney, Parise, Penner, Parenteau, Hudler, Kulemin, Kostitsyn, Doan, etc.

Not to mention, we could have kept Foligno and re-signed Kuba (or any other dman). The move to trade Foligno for Methot was a budget move first and foremost. That trade was inexcusable IMO.
You got to understand that in this cap world that most teams could offer the same contracts and the players descion usually ends up being family related, personal and city related, sometimes it is who offer the most bucks but mostly there are more things that go into a player signing with a team.

Jagr- Age a big issue, and only wanted to play for a select few teams.

Whitney- See above.

Parise- LOL it wasn't a money issue, more where he wanted to play, unless Parise was born in Ottawa we didn't have a chance.

Penner- Did he even make it to UFA? Why would he leave a beautiful sunny city and a championship team for the same money in a media pressured cold Canadian city?

Paranteau- They did make a bid for him, He chose Colorado.

Hurdler/Kulumen are garbage overpaid players.

Kostisen- LOL

Doan- Do I really have to answer this?

LOL at thinking the Foligno trade was a budget move, you only have to listen to this morning's McLean interview, he was expendable with this organizations depth at forward, they thought they have players that can replace his production, plus it was a trade from a position of strength to address a need. There were no money issues related to it, that contract is fair for Foligno when he's playing top 6 for Colombus but would look stupid here when he's on the 3rd line and getting paid $3M(kind of like Philips now)

If there were budget and money issues we wouldn't have committed long term to Turris and Karlsson for 5-7 years and go hard after Rick Nash.

This is a non issue and you are just reaching here, you don't just spend money just for the sake of spending it, thats how the Kovalev and Gonchar contracts turn into, especially when you have prospects who need spots and ice time to develop, instead of an overpaid 39 year old.

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