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01-09-2013, 12:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Talks to Goalposts View Post
You have the equivalent fraction of the cap hit as you agree to pay in salary. So you can pay anywhere from 0-50% of the cap hit or in Gomez's case 0-3.68M on the cap.

That's not likely to matter anyway. Compliance buyout is probably Montreal's best option, they need the space for Subban and Desharnais' new contracts.

Unfortunately, the Habs will have to be more cap efficient then they used to be going forward since they are now paying market cost for good goaltending rather than having their starter on an RFA deal.
aside from making a bold move in-season to bolster a cup contending team (and even then...), a well-run team is ALWAYS cap efficient.

It is precisely the lack of ability in managing the cap efficiently that has relegated us to sustained mediocrity the past 5-6 years despite being one of the top-spending teams year-in year-out.

Hopefully, the new management team appreciates this and will manouevre the new CBA and the inevitable roster-juggling that it will mandate over the next 1-2 years in a way that shows the kind of long-term strategic planning the previous leadership so clearly lacked.

In a very weird way, our best bet is in having Gomez, Bourque & Kaberle (and you could arguably add Gionta to that list) playing big roles this year and "succeeding" (at this stage, it's highly improbable that any of them play "up to" their respective cap % hits, but we only need them to play well enough to entice another organization to be willing to part with assets to acquire them).

Bottom line is that our organization is better off with a pure subtraction of Gomez/Bourque/Kaberle, given their cap ramifications and the fact that far cheaper players are easily & readily available who can provide what they are likely to contribute.

Since buy-outs don't come into play until next summer, and we have a short-term 70M$ (pro-rated) cap to work with, might as well get them on the ice, and cross our fingers that they do enough to be tradeable...

imo, MB & MT will really show their astuteness if they were to aggressively use all 3 in the most flattering of roles possible (lots of PP time, heavy Offensive zone starts, skilled linemates).

if we could translate those 3 into a 2nd round pick & no bad contracts coming back... that would be a BIG win!

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