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Peckham is certainly limited by his lack of mobility but he has some tools that could be valuable in a 6/7 dman. Not to mention there's a lot of room to grow.

Last year on the PK:

Peckham - 6.49 GA/60
Smid - 6.11 GA/60
Petry - 6.78 GA/60

He was right there with Smid which is pretty impressive, and ahead of Petry by a tiny bit. Playing Peckham for 13 minutes a night at evens plus heavy PK minutes is not the worst thing in the world. He's a great teammate, fearless and works his ass off.

Also, the alternative for now:

Potter - 7.15 GA/60

I really like Peckham. I hope he can become a more complete player. Guys like Sutton have learned to be relatively effective despite poor mobility, and I think Pecks can do the same.

edit- I checked these numbers for 5v5 play and found the following:

Peckham - 2.57 GA/60
Smid - 2.32 GA/60
Petry - 2.63 GA/60

Not too shabby. Granted, Peckham was facing easier opponents and had a bit better puck luck, but he was also lining up with worse teammates. He wasn't bleeding as badly as I thought at evens.

Again, the alternative, Corey Potter trailed the pack at 3.02 GA/60.

2nd edit -

I looked further and found something really surprising. Peckham actually led the team in GFON/60, meaning the team scored more at 5v5 with him on the ice than with any other dman.

Peckham - 2.57
Smid - 2.46
Petry - 2.39
Sutton - 2.29
Potter - 2.11
Whitney - 1.85

His zone starts were respectable for this team, starting 51.2 and ending 48.6% in the offensive zone. One caveat, his PDO was 1025 at evens, which explains a bit but not all of the teams success.

All in all, I'm not sure why his season is universally viewed as a total failure. He was average or better in all these categories last year but to me and everyone else he looked way off his game and unable to keep up.
Could just be confirmation bias, saw him bad or whatever you call that gut feeling you get when a player seems to be making a boatload of mistakes. Either way, I'm all for giving Pecks a season to sort it out.

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