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DRW had one of the best, or possibly the best record in the NHL until fairly late in the season, and won 23 consecutive games at home, and then finished badly, in large part b/c of injuries to datsyuk and lidstrom.

first 60 games: 41-17-2
last 22 games: 7-11-4

those 7 wins were against CBJ x2, minnesota, LAK, carolina, florida (SO), STL (SO)

record without datsyuk: 3-8-1
record without lidstrom: 3-6-2

but both datsyuk and lidstrom missed several of those games.

datsyuk was one of the top scorers in the NHL, but then injured his knee in a collision with toews in mid january. he scored only 16p in his last 27 games (including playoffs) and his skating did not return to normal until later in the summer.

although lidstrom was obviously past his prime, he was still very important, and DRW had a bad record without lidstrom since '91 and especially since lidstrom became elite, which is a very bad sign for this coming season. brad stuart was also lost.

my biggest worries for next season are health and special teams. i would not be shocked if they missed the playoffs.

Originally Posted by Rolen View Post
And to stay on topic I think the wings should retool. That doesn't mean to trade away their stars such as Datsyuk and Zetterberg, but acquiring younger players, preferably age 22-26, is ideal. Brunner was a great start to that. Detroit also has some good prospects coming up such as Nyquist, Smith and Tatar, although it's seems like Holland has rid most of them at their chance to make the roster by signing guys such as Samuelsson and Tootoo.

holland seems generally very conservative, and likes to sign players he knows well and who have played for him before.

samuelsson, osgood, hasek, conklin, joey macdonald, bertuzzi, quincey, mccarty, jason williams and possibly others, have been brought back after service with another team.

during the free agency period, several of us joked that holland would sign samuelsson again, and then he actually did.

blueline badly needs to be rebuilt. holland knew years ago that lidstrom and rafalski were close to retirement, and that brad stuart preferred to play in california to be closer to his family, but none of them have really been replaced, even though he had a lot of cap space available.

If I was Detroit I wouldn't be too worried. So long as they stop trading draft picks for players such as Quincey I think they are in a safe position. Competitive now, and a promising future (yet to be seen).
that trade made little sense to me.

babcock and many of us fans thought a W was needed (and a F was especially important b/c datsyuk's injury), but holland for some reason traded a 1st round pick for a depth d-man when he could have just used brendan smith or kindl. and i was hoping for matt finn or andrey vasilevski.

after a few games, i said holland traded for quincey to prove that waiving him in 2007 was not a bad move.

Originally Posted by Rorschach View Post
Again, not comparing them now to the Flames now. I'm saying if the time to rebuild is now and you wait a few years instead when your top players are like 35+, then your situation at that time will be like the Flames now.

And that's IF you believe it's time for them to rebuild possibly, which I do but others don't. This the poll...
DRW's future a few years from now could very well be crappy. core players most likely will be at the end of their primes. it will be hard to sign good UFAs if the team is not a contender, and holland generally does not offer big contracts.

holland also seems to prefer to offer less to big UFA's than other teams.

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