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Originally Posted by Ducks DVM View Post
Getzlaf and Perry are historically 90+ point players who will be playing this year before the trade deadline to show whether last year is their new norm or an aberration. Kesler is a historically 75 point player who may not.

Explain how Kesler scoring 49 points is outplaying Getzlaf with 57? Getzlaf is a playmaker, not a goalscorer.
SO what exactly are the ducks looking for? a super top prospect ala, Yakupov? cause thats never going to happen. Look at the Hossa and Kovalchuk trades and that's what you can expect

Hossa went for: Colby Armstrong, Erik Christensen, prospect Angelo Esposito(who at the time was already a bust), and the Penguins' first-round pick in 2008 (Daultan Leveille);

Kovalchuk went for: rookie forward Niclas Bergfors, junior prospect Patrice Cormier and New Jersey's first-round pick in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft.

and that includes Pascal Dupuis (solid 3rd liner) going with Hossa and Odyua going with Kovalchuk. So tell me again how these two packages are worse than the kesler booth Jensen 1st offer?

Van1st=NJD1st=Pit 1st (all within 1 or 2 spots of eachother)
Jensen for free.

So take what zeus said that Kesler signed is worth one of the two not signed that package is on par if not better than what the pens and devils paid for their stars.

But since i love the way perry plays i would even up the offer:

Booth + Kesler + Jensen + 1st 2013, 1st 2015 and Schroder
Perry and Getzlaf (if we get them signed before hand)

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