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Originally Posted by NASCL View Post
MLK has been matinee for quite some time. The local bars/restaurants hate day games.
Fact. The Saturday day games aren't wonderful. The abbreviated rush 11-12:30 sucks for the waitresses/bartenders. Not saying the restaurant doesn't fill up, but I'm sure the sales are cut in half compared to a 4-6:30 rush. One pro is there's a longer post-game rush as people have more time to linger.

Originally Posted by DKH View Post
has the Boycott Police released guidelines or a manifesto yet

I been thinking this over and may instead buy a bunch of food and stuff just to show the Boycotters!!!! Will they be outside passing out pamphlets wearing a badge or something
I don't know if I'll buy anything at games like I used to (no more two drinks every period!)... but I'm definitely going to show the concession stand workers some love with tips. They've been so affected and Celtics fans are nothing like Bruins fans. We rock.

Originally Posted by DKH View Post
Here is the thing with these white sticks since we got a bunch of them

The Bruins pass them out after the game and back in 2006-8ish or before the HF BP Bruins Chapter came into play, there was not a lot of people going to the games. I often sat alone eating ice cream and drinking beer (goes well together) wondering why no one likes hockey.

Well, my yute would position herself after games in a spot and accumulate said sticks. First star was signed by team; second and third the specific player.

There was atleast one time where she put together a streak of three games, three sticks- and even one game with multiple (we gave to another kid because I'm a nice guy and wanted her to learn about sharing that day)

then, the Bruins got good- the fans caught on and my kid had to fight for sticks- she still got one or two but not like the good old days of Dave Lewis and Mike Sullivan.

oh, and don't mention Glen Metropolit around her- touchy subject
So you're saying I should definitely bring up Glen Metropolit during an intermission of the home opener?

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