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01-09-2013, 01:57 AM
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I'm interested to see what the Toronto fan offers are at the end of every month going forward...

What has the progression been (roughly) since early last offseason?

Komaserek + 4th then to Bozak + Kadri + 2nd now? Is that an accurate common Leaf fan value assessment?

If I'm Gillis, I put on my Daly hat, and I tell Burke the price is Gardiner + 1st (2013) + Frattin... and this is the hill we will die on...

The NHL/NHLPA early January, is the Trade Luongo next draft (or sometime next offseason)... There is still lots of time to come down in price... and there is no need to trade Luongo for anything short of a fantastic return as of today... Schneider is good with it... Luongo is good with it... The cap space is good with it... The Canucks are good with it... A Stanley Cup wouldn't discriminate against it... Luongo is a fantastic talent who may play an important role on a real long playoff run (knock on wood)...

There's a time to come down in price (if need be), but it's not right now, IMHO... If the goal is to both win a Stanley Cup this year and get real good value out of Luongo, then the only option is to wait (assuming a real good offer isn't already there)... Selling Luongo for low now (i.e. Kadri + Bozak + 2nd) neither positions the Canucks closer to win a Stanley Cup this year, nor gets real good value out of Luongo... It just does not satisfy the goals that Gillis has... It won't happen, IMHO, no matter how loud or many times Leaf fans and media say it...

I'd be very much ok with a low return for Luongo (i.e. Kadri + Bozak + 2nd), if it happens at the right time, after a year of trying (i.e. around last draft to around this draft)... What can you do? But dammit, if accepting a low return like Kadri + Bozak + 2nd I personally wouldn't be ok with it without first trying to position yourself to get the value you should (and can), IMO... Luongo is worth the wait (all around)...

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