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Originally Posted by daver View Post
There's a significant difference between players not being available to play because they are essentially too good versus retrospectively replacing players as you are for the 2004 US team.

In the former case, you are pushing out the lowest players on the depth chart while in the latter case it's very debatable whether the others would have made a difference or made the team worse. And as someone pointed out, could you imagine the 2007 Canadian team with the best hockey player in the world on it.
My point is simple. The available talent to the US Jr. Team for the 2003-04 team would have
been challenging competition to the 2005 Canada team. You Canadians just cant accept
that even your 2005 "Dream" team could be challenged by my 2004 US team.

The US team built around Howard, Suter, Buff, Parise, Kesler, Brown, Backes & Booth
would stand up to 2005 Canada well.

In fact the US team that won gold and beat the guts of your 2005 team was a mix of an A and
B US team.

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