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01-09-2013, 04:24 AM
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Originally Posted by LEAFANFORLIFE23 View Post
to be honest I don't think you get a 1st and not just from us I just don't think you get it draft is to deep
I agree, unless the players in the deal aren't close to fair value (like say just Bozak) I doubt we get the first either although Gillis will push hard for it and if we don't get it I think we will definetly get a 2nd or something else of similar value.

Originally Posted by var View Post
If Gillis was after Huberdeau from Florida, Gardiner would have to be the target in TO. If Burke goes after Lu and is successful, it won't be a comfortable, Leafs clearly win deal that doesn't unplug something of high quality. It's not being realistic. It's wishful to hope for a deal that doesn't give up anything of real value, but not realistic. Besides, regardless of the TO love affair with Gardiner, if he's your ticket to Lu, he's very much worth it. TO is a lost team without him. The other reason is because Gillis would much rather have a player he can use rather than a first round pick, and giving up a first in TO isn't cool anymore.
Huberdeau was never the target, everyone knows that he is a complete non-starter. The target was Bjugstad and they aren't willing to give him either so at this point the target is Weiss since he is probably going to leave.

Gardiner was probably the target early on since he isn't quite as valuable as Huberdeau but I doubt he is anymore, Gillis probably knows he won't get him and right now we don't really need him anyways (Although it is always nice to add 22 year old top 4 D-men with upside)

If a deal isn't done like some are reporting, I think MG's target is Kadri, a 1st and something else.

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