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Originally Posted by Jussi View Post
Not financially. The ones with money will always grab the most sought after players, thus driving up the prices even more and bridging the gap between the big and small clubs even further.
Yes, but this is teams we're talking about. It doesn't matter if some club from Arab Emirates offers Messi, Ronaldo, RVP you name it like 500 000 week salary, the chance they would move would still be pretty slim. Why? Who are you playing with and what for? Exactly. That's why big clubs in European leagues are at advantage, because they can offer the player a chance to play in CL.

The place where a player plays depends on 3 points:
1. money
2. living quality
3. what's at stake in that competition

In football points nr. 1 and 3 are what matter, and those are quite equal in top-4 European leagues. Not so much with hockey.

Edit: So what this has to do with hockey? Well, for North Americans the top league will always be NHL, no question. But theoretically KHL could move in as a stronger competitor if it could convince European top players to play there. Remember, for European hockey players the dream is to play with the best, not lift the Stanley Cup. If the best players would play in KHL, then the kids would dream about scoring the GWG in game 7 of Gagarin cup final. For Canadians at least, it's all about the SC and NHL it seems.

Not that I believe KHL has a chance of doing this for a long time, but theoretically speaking, it's possible.

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