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Originally Posted by Vajakki View Post
Actually I was wondering about that because I thought that, because Pronger's deal was a 35+ contract, even the LTIR wouldn't matter in that case? He would be in the cap no matter what. Same thing with Thomas, 35+ contract. Even if he's not playing this year at all, it should still count against their cap right? I thought there was no possible way to go around 35+ contract rule. Might be wrong though, and this doesn't obviously affect Luongo because he's not on a 35+ contract.
Under the old CBA, if a 35+ contract was on LTIR it didn't count against teams cap. We saw this with Pronger/Savard etc. Friedmans stating the old LTIR rules did not change in the new CBA, therefore if Lu gets injured and goes on LTIR (hope this never happens) it wouldn't count against either teams cap. He could essentially do what Pronger/Savard are doing - remain on LTIR until their contracts expire.

I believe the Thomas situation is different cause he's not on LTIR. He's on 'crazy break'. Unless they can trade his contract, or perhaps waive him to the minors, his cap will count against he Bruins (bwahhh).

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