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01-09-2013, 06:43 AM
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Originally Posted by do0glas View Post
So i did a quick google search and this link has some interesting view points.

to me, and to him this isnt an end all be all, but it highlights areas of the slap shot that i didnt even think about. like improving your rotational ability in the hips and core. when i would think power i would go for more strength which isnt always the case.

when i look at it from this angle, the strength is the foundation and you can really take your shot to the next level with these tips...they look like i can add them at the end of normal strength workouts too. ill try to keep up with it and let you know my progress.

really wish i had a radar gun xD
Shooting is mostly based on weight transfer. Of course it helps to be stronger but weight transfer and rotation(core) is definitely the key. Look at a guy like Kessel for instance, not known for being in shape, not a big man by any stretch etc and he's got a bullet. Same thing with Semin. These guys can transfer their weight quicker than you can blink. I played junior and always had a hard shot but now that I'm in my 20's I'm realizing my focus on weight lifting and weight lifting alone wasn't necessarily the best option for me. Now, I put much more emphasis on forearm strength and weight transfer while moving. I think one mistake too many people make while fooling around in practice is shooting standing still. That's almost never going to happen in a game situation(as a forward anyways). I was actually a golf teacher/pro for 5 years and this is how it got me into this mindset of weight transfer, a huge part of a golf swing, obviously. But the same applies to hockey. I would teach people a rocking motion, like a rocking chair, in order to exaggerate and make them feel and understand how it physically feels. That's just my theory though, to each their own. I'd focus on core,forearms and weight transfer personally.

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