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Originally Posted by DemonsOnIce96 View Post
Is there a rules/guidelines thread I can take a look at.
Check your PMs.

A good way to START to decide the value of players to determine who to draft is to look at the last draft:

ATD 2012 Draft Thread:

This is all one grand thought experiment, "what if" reflections, trying to imagine what would happen, and basing our judgements on real facts, comparing players to others of their own era to determine their value, then comparing them to players of other eras to realize their all-time merit. It's an ongoing reflective process full of interesting discussions and analyses.

Here is a ROSTER thread (we put the players we draft here as we go through the draft):

Here is a BIO thread (here is where we put bios we construct, building on past bios by others):

Here is a Line-up Assassination thread (here is where we review individual teams prior to each of us voting anonymously by PM ballot on the ranking of teams for each division:

Here is a playoff match-up thread:

These should give you a sense of the level of participation! Draft on time and after the draft vote on ranking teams within divisions and in playoff series, add to discussions and conversations all over the place, like in line-up assassinations, playoff match-up threads, etcetera. Basically, plan to be around at least fifteen minutes a day every day at minimum. Disappearing for three or four days is not conducive to the all-time draft!

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