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01-09-2013, 07:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Corto View Post
In September, my answer was no, even though Jochen was my man, yo.

Now? Shortened season, maybe a cheap contract?
Low risk, high reward.
If he's healthy and playing like himself, he'd be a monster pick-up.
If injured/out of form, live with it for 48 games, and then move on afterwards.

I'm really not sold on the current roster at all.
The high-end skill is not there compared to other teams, neither is size and grit among the top-6, nor skill among the bottom-6.

And it could be a LONG time before Grigs and Girgs come into their own.
Hey, have a little more confidence in me.

I just worry about Hecht's body holding up for the whole season. You're right in that it's low risk...worst case scenario is he ends up on LTIR. Hecht actually makes a lot of sense:

Scott, Porter, Adam, etc. as injury fill-ins.

Hecht would be a defensive guy + PK. But he should not be used as a offensive top 6 forward if it can be at all avoided--and Ruff's track history doesn't inspire confidence. Not that I don't think Hecht would be bad at the role (he has often been the "glue" guy on a top 6 line who makes his linemates better), it's that I don't think he can handle that many minutes TBH.

Now does the fact he played in Europe and wasn't signed to a deal before the lockout mean he has to pass through waivers to be signed? I imagine there's an exception since the NHL season hasn't started, but in a normal year signing him in January would require that.

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