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Prestige Worldwide: TRADE DEADLINE: Thursday, Feb. 7, 8:00 p.m. EST

Prestige Worldwide (360) 2013-2014 Season

Just a brief reminder on a few key rules:
General Rules and Game Play Rules:

- Every team must set their teams to be CPU Playable. This well ensure the most active teams get their games in, and if someone cannot make their scheduled games, you can post on this thread and give all other teams the “Go Ahead” to play your CPU. YOU MAY ONLY PLAY SOMEONE ELSE’S CPU WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION 1 HOUR PRIOR TO ADVANCING and IF YOU HAVE MADE AN EFFORT TO SCHEDULE THE GAME VIA HF PM and / or Xbox message AT LEAST ONE DAY PRIOR TO THE END OF THE WINDOW. If you have not done so, the game will be simmed one the advance. If you believe someone has played your CPU in error, contact Chuckwoods or Jack de la Hoya.

- We will not accept a CPU DNF higher than 0%. You will get ONE warning if I find it higher than 0%. If you cannot provide a legitimate reason as to why it will be higher, you will be removed.

- No goalie may play more than 72 regular season games. It is your responsibility to ensure that your backup(s) get work in early, and long-term absence will not be considered a valid excuse. The penalties for non-compliance are--1) a playoff suspension of one-game per game over 72, and 2) (at the discretion of Chuckwoods and Jack de la Hoya) restrictions on free agency and / or forfeiture of a draft pick.

-We will not accept diving in the offensive zone, or ragging the puck in the last minutes of play if you are leading.
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