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Originally Posted by Kings County KING View Post
Not only that. My sister was born in Long Island College Hospital (unrelated to LIU).

Which is, of course, in Brooklyn.

I'm probably the polar opposite of you, in that I'm a Brooklyn native, and while my uncle was an Islanders season ticket holder and went to hundreds of games in the 70's and 80's, I've been a Devils fan for as long as I can remember. So to say that I'm true blue (well, orange and blue) with the Isles would be a bit of a stretch.

But I can't fathom the idea of the Islanders changing their name and identity just because they're moving a few miles west.

Sure, a lot of people, myself included, are going to be a lot more interested in the team now that they're out of the Mausoleum. I don't have a car, like many people in Brooklyn, so I've only been there a handful of times. Not to mention, it's a terrible arena. Not that I'm saying anything you don't already know.

I'll go to countless games at Barclays, and unless they're playing New Jersey, I'll be dressed head-to-toe in Islanders gear. They've always been my second team anyway.

But that's just it. It's the Islanders, and their colors are orange and blue. Period. Want to change "New York" to "Brooklyn"? By all means, they can consider that... but to stop being the Islanders is, well, to throw away forty years of history, four cups, and the legacy of where they came from. I don't think Brooklynites or people from Staten Island or Queens will embrace the team any more if they wipe the slate clean and call themselves something else.

Even the Nets, who wanted to entirely change their image with the move to Brooklyn, didn't dare change their name from "Nets" to "New Yorkers" or "Ballers" or whatever the plan-b was, and they haven't had nearly as much success or a devoted fanbase as you have. Keep in mind, they used to play in Long Island, too... but they moved to Jersey because they didn't have enough fans, and then they moved to Brooklyn for the same reason. The Islanders have never had to leave Long Island because of fans. They're leaving primarily because of the building. Getting new fans is an added bonus.

As for Brooklyn-related logos and jerseys, most of the stuff I've seen is pretty awful, but I did like this one:

Sure, it's based off the hated Gorton's fisherman logo, but I think the bridge improves it greatly.

[Summary for those who don't feel like reading some nobody's wall of text: I'm from Brooklyn, but don't change the name or the colors.]
Nice post and welcome! I don't understand this obsession with changing the name of this franchise either. As another poster on our board stated (OlTimeHockey), if the Lakers didn't change their name when they moved from Minnesota to LA, why do the Islanders have to change their name WHEN THEY STILL PLAY ON LONG ISLAND? It doesn't make any sense to me. To have the same question raised by a native Brooklynite, should really quell all the concerns out there.

BTW, I like that idea for a 3rd jersey EXCEPT for the fishsticks font used in ISLANDERS. The move into Brooklyn should be the first step in erasing the dark days of the franchise's history. That period should not be revisited under any circumstances, unless someone is teaching a course in how not to run a professional sports franchise!

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