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01-09-2013, 08:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Regal View Post
One thing to keep in mind is that a deal doesn't necessarily have to meet Vancouver's needs in itself. Obviously the market for Luongo isn't huge, so if you can't get what you'd like for him, maybe you try to get good assets for him that other teams would like and fill your needs in a separate deal. I'm not too high on most of the Toronto proposals, but a guy like Kadri, or some of the other prospects/picks mentioned in a deal, might be enticing to someone looking to make a deal at the deadline for an actual upgrade for this season.
Interesting thought. In a lot of these proposals Vancouver fans are looking to fill all their holes either immediately or in the future which Toronto likely can't do. If Gillis takes some value for Luongo and the value of a reduced cap, he may be able to make a follow up trade or two to fill those holes instead.

Its a thought anyway. Probably work out better for teams like Toronto and Florida, IMO. If Gillis can find a partner that can and is willing to trade pieces to fill the holes, then by all means he should go for it but in the event that he doesn't this might be an alternative.

And for those saying "we'll just keep him", yeah that might work for this season. Might even be a good idea. The problem is, how long will Luongo be content to stay? I know he said he'd do what is best for the team but he still thought it was time to move on. I'm by no means in the know here but Gillis has to try to move him as per his request I would think...eventually.

Another issue is that if he is held until the offseason, what does that do for his market if other goalies become available? Obviously none are as good as Robby Lulu, but it might take a team like say Toronto out of the running if they sign a stop gap to support Reimer, for example?

Originally Posted by Imagine17 View Post
wow how often do you need to say this in the thread? How is crap like this useful in ANYWAY?
No offense to Phion, but its not useful. That said, its about as useful as the "Toronto sucks so they should pay more" statements and the "Komisarek for Luongo" statements.

Or statements like this:

Originally Posted by Vancouver_2010 View Post
You are right, Gardiner would be an overpayment for Ballard, only players like Luongo can get him, Gardiner, Kadri and 1 st is enough.
Yeah, that's ridiculous. I thought we were past that.

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