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01-09-2013, 08:36 AM
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Originally Posted by CharaTriedToEatMe View Post
He'd have caught heat for that...and a lot of other things this day in age. Modern press would eat him alive.

Roberto Clemente was just as off the wall than Manny he'd be crucified if he was a modern athlete.

The Thomas thing is ridiculous. He didn't want to get shipped to Edmonton after what he did in Boston and Chiarelli was not going to let him battle Rask the next fall at camp. So instead of retiring and screwing the team he did something which gave the Bruins a way to wrangle around his cap hit.

And people are still bashing him. Its a joke and I wish those "fans" would find a new team to root for under no circumstances did Tim deserve to be banished to Edmonton after what he did for us just because his NTC had expired and Chia held the cards.

A YEAR AFTER WINNING THIS TEAM THE CUP HE WAS REFUSED THE OPPORTUNITY TO COMPETE FOR HIS JOB!!! He was going to be shipped out to the highest bidder that summer. He didn't want that. He helped the team not retiring. Why the **** can't people get that through their thick skulls?
Where did you get the bolded from? Did you read it? Hear it?

What I heard was Thomas told the Bruins, pretty much right after the Washington series, that he wanted to take a year off to spend tim with his family, friends and faith.

I didn't hear that he was refused an opportunity to compete for "his" job.

That would certainly put a spin on it that I didn't know about.

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