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06-13-2006, 09:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Joe Cole
It makes me laugh when Anglos and Allo-phones are considered French Canadians and Quebecois when it serves the needs of the general population (i.e. hockey) but in 99% of the other cases, you are either a "crisse de bloque" or "un immigre".

I am as Quebecois as Luongo, born in MTL of Italian decent, lived here all my life, have an Italian name (Joe Cole is a screen name, an homage to a friend)- and even though I am married to a pure laine francophone, speak and write french everyday, and I am still regularly considered an outsider.

Honestly, I could care less for those with that attitude, it is just ironic and somewhat opportunistic when someone is appropriated into a group because it is advantageous for the given task at hand.


You're taking my quote out of context. I wasn't implying anything except that the poster I was quoting was just having fun with the concept. An innocent comment and you make a mountain.

I should have known, since you're half WOP like me.

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