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Originally Posted by Holy Mackinaw View Post
Again, I am sure it is going to happen. I'd say a 70/30 chance, based on Shannon alone. We live in the "now" era. More often than not, you are going to read it on Twitter within seconds of it being said, at least from a legitimate source (think Dreger, McKenzie, LeBrun, etc...)

Again, I have yet to see or hear this from any legitimate source. I can say "Dreger just told me in Starbucks that the deal is done", but it doesn't make it true. That is my point. Not one credible source has said this, besides Shannon in October.

That said, I think it is going to get done. Shannon is very credible.
It has been stated on Sportsnet TV, by multiple people that it is done. Millard... hell I can't remember who has stated it, but we are above six people on Sportsnet alone who have claimed it is a done deal.

Look, it is a rumour, and I'm not sure whether it appears on TV, or on Twitter makes it more or less of a rumour. Even if it was in print, it is still a rumour and nothing more.

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