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01-09-2013, 09:15 AM
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Stick Kickpoint: High vs Low

Interesting tidbit from a Base hockey video.

Ronning says the big difference between the high and low kickpoint sticks is that the high kickpoint is better when you have your bottom hand higher, the low kickpoint when you have your bottom hand lower.

At one point he says if you get the bottom hand too low, you're in/past the kickpoint and lose more power. And the side by side comparisons of the two sticks show that there's a bigger difference between high and low kick sticks with slappers vs wrist shots.

Oddly enough, when mid kick sticks started gaining popularity (again) with the One95, most people seemed to like them a lot more for slappers rather than snappers.

I know when I first tried mid kick sticks, I wasn't a fan, as it seemed I was losing some power on my shots. But when I started using more high end sticks and comparing low vs mid kick, I started to prefer the feel of the flex of a mid kick since I keep my hands closer together.

What's your preference in high vs low kick, and do you keep your hands close while shooting or far apart?

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