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01-09-2013, 09:19 AM
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Originally Posted by THE HOFF View Post
6 m per? its like i had too much icecream and my brain froze. 6m per ? maxpac > PK . PK should sign for 3.5 per and hustle to save his life. Hometown bias is fun but to say he's elite is just wrong. hes not. flashy =/= elite.
I love MaxPac, but in no way is he more valuable than PK. Not even close. Just generally speaking, a Dman is always more valuable as there's less than them.
PK is already a top 2 Dman, arguably #1 Dman. MaxPac is only a top 6 winger at this point. But we should not compare Forwards and Defensemen.

Originally Posted by shutehinside View Post
PK should not make more than Markov. Quite simply Markov has a direct correlation with wins and losses that PK hasn't shown yet. He simply hasn't earned his keep yet, at least not at those numbers.
I wouldn't be opposed to that except that Markov has barely played. I'm not even sure Markov should be making Markov money at this point. He's a big question mark, and hopefully we'll have a positive answer this year.
The reason we haven't seen a direct correlation between wins and losses without PK is because he never got injured, which is a great thing and we want to keep it that way.
In any event, it's irrelevant. Pittsburgh managed to play just as well without Crosby, doesn't mean they don't miss him or that he's not important.

Originally Posted by Davebo View Post
You call Couturier a winner - but not Subban.

Are you serious?

Since you seem to be a fan of the WJC - PK won WJC Gold - twice. How did Sean do at those tournaments? Oh yeah - 2G 1A in 7 games and a silver. PK got 6 points in 6 games in his last tournament - and gold again.
Actually it's 9pts in 6gp.

Originally Posted by Habruti! View Post
To me you to look at comparables ... He is IMHO deffinitively not in the Dougthy, Karlsson class and probably somewere between Johny Carlsson and Tyler myers....

Incidently that would be somewhere between 4 and 5. If he thinks he is worth the Money that the above two guys are making, then let him sit and roth for the rest of the season. I seriously think we would not do worst then last year and would still have a chance to make the playoff...
To be fair, it's not 4-5M, it's between 24-39M spread between 6-7 years.
You don't let a 23yo player, your best one, just sit and rot for a season. What's the point? If you can't agree on a deal, you move him, but in PK's case, you don't move him, you make sure you sign him even if you're the one that has to dish out more, because in the end, he'll likely be worth every penny. There is no question mark with PK. We know he's a star, we know he can play in every situation, we know he's already amazing. The only question is can he improve even more to reach the superstar status. I don't mind investing money, more of it, in guys like him.

Also, of course chances are we won't do worse than last year, we finished 28th! That means there's only 2 worse places as opposed to 27 better ones, and if we look at our roster, it's all healthy including Markov and Gionta, only Noke is out.
Sadly, it's not just about where we are in the standings. Letting your best player rot for a year is the worst possible form of management. You just don't do that.

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