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01-09-2013, 09:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Devils731 View Post
I think the basics from the article are:

1) You can keep at most 50% the cap hit of a players contract.

2) You can only have 3 players who you're retaining salary and cap hit who aren't with you.

3) Any individual contract can only have salary/cap hit "kept" twice. So a third trade involving that player would not allow to have any "kept" cap/salary.

4) A team can never have more than 15% of the salary cap as "kept" cap.


The most confusing part is separating cap hit kept from actual dollars kept. The paper wrote it as you can keep 50% "of a contract" so I think if you want to keep 50% of the cap hit, you pay 50% of whatever real dollars that player would earn each season.

I don't think it's as complicated as it looks. In practice I don't think it will be used to great extent, except possibly next season as some bad contracts are moved around. It will more likely be used when teams close to the cap need a small amount of money "kept" by the other team to keep the trade fitting under the cap.
It seems like its some kind of a hybrid of re-entry waivers and a buyout that can be used in-season (via trade). Or maybe its my analogy that is confusing me. I really think it will make far more sense once a team actually does it. I know the article outlines potential scenarios and the cap hits, but it would probably help seeing a trade done, with specific terms, and then looking on capgeek and seeing how the player is listed on both team's payrolls. And then of course things got really confusing when it said a team can do this with a given contract twice.... That's where they lost me. I assume it will make more sense once it is put in play though.

Originally Posted by slammer View Post
I saw this Video and i nearly had tears in my eyes. This was the most emotional trip i ever imagined with sports. the ot goal in game 7 vs florida...i was awake the whole night and sat in front of my pc, in my work clothes. i ate my breakfast...

and then, THE MUSKETEER SCOOOORES, **** damn i shouted out so loud i bet the whole house was awake, but i didnt give a flying ****.

oh damn how much i love this team. i get so damn emotional in each game. never had that with any sports before.

thanks for bringing back the was magical
I still maintain that out of all of the Devils teams/seasons, last year was the one that I had the most fun watching. That has nothing to do with the style of play, and obviously not entirely on the end result (or it wouldn't be above my 4th favorite for obvious reasons). Maybe its piggy backing off of how much fun the 2nd half of the prior year was, but something about last year was just such an enjoyable ride. Probably the fact the team went into the playoffs as an underdog and went on that kind of a run only added to it.

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