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01-09-2013, 09:48 AM
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Originally Posted by GermanRocket7 View Post
I personally feel like the Ducks are -again- overlooked by many self-proclaimed "experts". This team underachieved horribly last season, when pretty much everyone expected us to be at the very least a PO contender, if not a shoe-in.

After we sacked Carlyle, which was the first really smart move I give BM credit for (he got Fowler and Etem nicely packed up as an early X-mas present at the Draft in 2010; any idiot could have taken them then), the team needed a whole lot of time to adjust to BB's style of play, but the eventually got it done. If it wasn't for that horrible start, we might have even been on the bubble and contending for a PO spot the whole season long.

I mean, seriously? This team had a 27-23-8 record under BB last season, which accumulates to roughly 1.07 PPG. On a full 82-game schedule, which translates into almost 88 points. And that on a season, where our complete first line basically took a year off and our defense was as thin as BB is fat.

I'm not completely sold on the idea of having two more veteran defensemen on the roster and expect Lydman to be dealt away for a third-round pick sometime this season.

But hell, this team looks a lot better than last season, even if that means we'll probably finish just above the 100-goals-scored mark after 48 games. We should not be getting scored on more than 95 times, anyways.

This season will be a make-or-break season for the twins, and I fully expect Getzlaf to be close to his old self again now that his kid has grown older and doesn't keep him awake all night. They'll prove their worth, just as Teemu will be on fire for one final, last campaign.

We'll finish 6th or 7th in the West and sweep the Sharks in the first round. You heard it here first.
I attribute Anaheim's turnaround more to Hiller than the coaching changes. I think people forget that Anaheim continued to struggle under Boudreau, and it wasn't until Hiller stepped up his game that things really turned around. By that same token, it was Hiller's early struggles which hurt Anaheim the most at the beginning of the season. Boudreau did well, but Anaheim looks(and plays) like a completely different team with a goaltender they can feel confident in, and that just wasn't possible until Hiller got back into form.

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