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01-09-2013, 10:15 AM
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Originally Posted by SingnBluesOnBroadway View Post
The contact sport vs. non-contact sport is the difference maker to me. There's a threat of injury every snap. That risk goes up when you're a mobile QB. The question is was RG3 hurt prior to the game. Strasburg was by all accounts healthy when he was shut down.
Strasburg was healthy, but empirical data shows that a player is significantly more vulnerable to further injury when coming off surgery and with limited career innings under his belt. So while he was technically healthy, it can really be viewed as a continued recovery from injury. I agreed with the decision to limit his innings--if the historical record shows that there's a good chance he gets hurt further, even if he's healthy, it would be foolish to ignore that. I agree though that there were other ways they could have handled it, rather than pitching him regularly and then shutting him down.

I disagree with Griffin's handling. The decision to start him was okay in my book--if he did in fact play without any limitations in practice--but once he began displaying signs of discomfort he needed to come out. It's not hindsight, either. I recall saying to my Redskins-fan fiancee after his QB-keeper in (I think) the 3rd quarter, "This is ridiculous, they're going to ruin this guy." That was when he was barely able to limp over to the sideline on his scramble. The Redskins, despite their torrid finish, are/were not in "win now" mode. You can't jeopardize your future for one playoff game like that. Not when it should have been clear to every non-Redskins-homer that Griffin was hurt.


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