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01-09-2013, 10:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Philly85 View Post
When a guy is that overpaid, devoid of any leadership skills as your captain, isn't physical and whose one "thing you could hang your hat on" - faceoffs - he isn't even good at anymore... Then combine all this with a -50 in the past 3 years... that doesn't tell me he's that good or that serviceable as a hockey player. Not to mention he's a black hole offensively. That suggests to me is probably a 4th liner.
Forget the fact that he's overpaid. We all know he is, but for this season and next its pretty much irrelevant unless they go big fish hunting in the off season at which time they can buy him out if needed.

How can you say he has no leadership qualities? He seems to do a fine job to me. But really we have no idea how good/bad he is as a leader because 80% of his job as a captain is done in the dressing room behind closed doors.

Over the last 4 seasons which have all been disappointing in terms of what we once expected of Horcoff he has still produced 0.53 points per game. As a 3rd line player I'm happy with that kind of output. Sure it might drop a bit given he won't see as much time with Hall and Eberle like he did in the last 2 seasons but even if he goes down to 0.45 I'm still happy with that from a 3rd liner. So he's not a complete black hole offensively.

As for his -50 rating over the past 3 years. Remember that we are talk about the guy who has played against the teams best forwards on a team that just drafted first overall 3 years in a row.

Sure Horcoff is not the ideal guy, but i think we are stuck with him for at least this season, and I think he is going to fill the 3rd line Center position just fine. And who knows maybe Belanger has a more Belanger like season and takes over the 3rd line center position and then Horcoff ends up as our 4th line Center. I'd say that's not a bad situation to be in.

The Oilers can win with Horcoff on the team and as a the captain. If you don't agree with that then you probably hate Horcoff a little too much.

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