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Originally Posted by kemisti View Post
I think he'll back. As said, No CBA yet. Could get pretty ugly though.

May have something to do with the fact that Devils aren't really good team.. they can make the playoffs but that's about it imo. There's no one to replace Parise, misses #1D, and C depth is poor. Maybe.
I have a hard time buying this. He shouldn't have signed such a long deal if he wasn't sort of okay with some of those years probably being losers.

Maybe he's staying so the Devs will terminate his contract? He can then sign with them again for a more CBA compliant contract. It makes sense given the logic that Kovalchuk's contract initial contract with NJ was rejected by the league for being too egregious with it's cap circumvention. Lou isn't beyond stretching the rules.

Cosmo responds to criticisms from hockey fans about the controversial decision to leave Henrik Lundqvist off their list.

Bobby Mac just tweeted that Brian Burke has apparently just been fired.

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