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Originally Posted by Oil Gauge View Post
Over the last 4 seasons which have all been disappointing in terms of what we once expected of Horcoff he has still produced 0.53 points per game. As a 3rd line player I'm happy with that kind of output. Sure it might drop a bit given he won't see as much time with Hall and Eberle like he did in the last 2 seasons but even if he goes down to 0.45 I'm still happy with that from a 3rd liner. So he's not a complete black hole offensively.

Sure Horcoff is not the ideal guy, but i think we are stuck with him for at least this season, and I think he is going to fill the 3rd line Center position just fine. And who knows maybe Belanger has a more Belanger like season and takes over the 3rd line center position and then Horcoff ends up as our 4th line Center. I'd say that's not a bad situation to be in.

The Oilers can win with Horcoff on the team and as a the captain. If you don't agree with that then you probably hate Horcoff a little too much.
I love the 3rd line player comments. Maybe he could suffice as a 3rd line player but that hasn't ever happened. If you look at his actual TOI over the past few season he has been in the top 3*(see below) for forwards for Oilers too making his numbers that much worse.

Yes we are stuck with him for this season but these free buyouts is a get out of jail free card from that contract, if they don't use that then management is simply just idiots.

How do you know the Oilers can win with Horcoff? seems like an odd statement to make when the team has posted some of it's worst seasons in franchise history with him at the helm as captain.

EDIT - Actually I just surprised myself. Horcoff has been the TOI leader for this team the last 6, yes 6 seasons. 7 seasons ago he was number 2 to Smyth. Wow he's even more pathetic than I even thought.

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