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01-09-2013, 10:34 AM
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Originally Posted by kresco View Post
I hate this site. I dont know why I come here people on here are so stubborn and blind. Everyone here sees their players better than eveyone else. I admit that Smid is a good defensive def man and is is better than all our def with the exception of GIO & Boumeester and possibly wideman (havent seen him alot so not to sure yet). But to say flat out that Smid is better than Bouwmeester is like saying backlund is better than Nuge. Its just ludicrous. I wish people would just sit back and look at value of other players without be unbiased and stop valuing their own players to ridiculous proportoins. I agree we would not gte duchene for bouwmeester thats why i created the thread for Gagner NOT duchene. But everyone who sees bouwmeester as a horrible player is either blind or has been listening to to many HF threads of people who hate without actually watching.
Okay, then prove to me that Bouwmeester is better than Smid. Cause I simply do not see it other than more people know his name, and he makes more money. I see lots of posts here pointing out stats that make Smid better than JBo, but none the other way around.

BTW, your analogy is deeply flawed in that Backlund has not proven anything in the NHL yet, while Nuge has. Both Smid & JBo played similar roles in the NHL last year, other than the fact that JBo gets much more PP time. They are fairly easily comparable, and in my view Smid comes out on top.

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