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01-09-2013, 11:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Bocephus86 View Post
Picked up Dishonored for PS3 right before Christmas on sale and just put it in (I was trying to finish some of a huge backlog). This game is so fun. I've heard people call it short but I just finished the first assassination and it probably took me 3 or more hours as I spent about 1 hr climbing/blinking around and choking out guards. Definitely one of the more entertaining games around right now. I am going high chaos basically by accident (too late to turn it around with 30+ kills i'd say) so it is definitely replay worthy. I will post about it when I am done in the other thread but it has high marks so far.
It is still pretty short. I absolutely loved the game and it's my personal GotY, but the beginning makes the length really deceiving. I tried to do everything and the first two missions had a lot of side stuff to do, I think I was in 7 hours by the end of the first two missions. The remaining 7 took me a combined 5 hours or so.

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